I am an Urbanite

September 16, 2011
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I am urban.  It is part of me, my love of the City and my comfort surrounded by tall buildings, hardscaping and people.  Don’t get me wrong, I love nature too.  The sound of a rippling stream is in my top 3 most relaxing things in the world.  I love picking flowers, watching small animals and birds, identifying tracks, jumping creeks and tent camping.  I really love sailing.  But I need those things sometimes.  I need an urban environment (almost) all the time.

A little while ago I was having a bad day.  So I took off and walked my city (little city though it may be).  I walked through the neighbourhoods to downtown and to one of the coolest little gems around.  I watched the lights changing and the big kids skateboarding.  I listened to this one guy who had brought his guitar on his bike who was singing and playing for the world in general.  I saw other people come and go.  Walking through or hanging out a while.  The range of ages and styles, the sounds, and smells of the city made me happy.  My mood did a complete turn around just hanging out on the plaza.  Active spaces in the middle of built up areas are what make a city and what make urbanites like me want to live somewhere

I couldn’t find the picture I want but this is where I was.


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